Hey, I'm Greg Zuckerman.

Residing in the United Kingdom I have cultivated a wealth of international experience having lived in the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Belgium. Currently, I am dedicated to advancing my expertise through part-time studies in Business Management at UCD Dublin, aligning my academic pursuits with my professional aspirations.
My technical acumen extends across the spectrum of web development, encompassing both front and backend frameworks, alongside proficiency in mobile application development. Furthermore, I possess a comprehensive understanding of DevOps methodologies, contributing to streamlined processes and enhanced project outcomes.
Outside of my professional endeavours, I am an avid traveler, leveraging each journey as an opportunity for personal enrichment and cultural exploration. Additionally, I indulge my passion for adventure biking, navigating the landscapes on my BMW R1250 GS Adventure. Complementing these pursuits, I also foster a keen interest in photography, capturing moments that inspire and resonate with others.
  • Work

    In my role as Engineering Manager at Nationwide, I orchestrate the efforts of multidisciplinary teams, fostering an environment conducive to peak performance. With a fervent dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of society, I am deeply committed to driving impactful change.
    My advocacy extends to promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace, recognising the inherent value of varied perspectives and experiences. Firmly believing in the transformative potential of teamwork and collaborative endeavors, I prioritize the cultivation of synergy among team members to achieve shared goals and objectives.

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